Fashion Talks | To Go Monochromatic Or Not To Go Monochromatic

OK. So we’re all into it or maybe not? Let’s talk monochrome for one secound.

Starting with the basics, there’s fashion, and then there’s style. Fashion is AW18, RTW, Haute Couture, Fast fashion, Trends, Colours, etc.. Whereas style is a cohesive repetitive idea of what a brand or a person believes in or likes to do.

Sonya Esman

So what is monochromatic styling?

In simple terms, a brand may carry an item let’s say a charcoal topcoat in their new SS17 collection, this item may or may not be part of  a monochromatic line or collection. The style is how it is paired with other pieces to create a look. Am I right fashion kids?

Ok now that we’ve gone through the basics and we are all on the same page let’s talk variations on monochromatic styling, because this has becoume so popular some brands literally rely on it for styling.

The most popular monochromatic looks usually involve all your shades of grey, camel, or blush deliciousness. It’s been in trend since like 2014 and we’re still feeling it.

The Atlantic-Pacific

A few things to keep in mind to help you achieve a great monochromatic look:

1. Pull different shades of the same colour together

2. Textures! I cannot stress this enough. Various fabrics mixed together like lace, leather, chiffon, and cozy cashmere are the key to helping you achieve the correct contrast you need. This is especially important in all black looks.

3. Accessories. i.e. Your felt fedora, your fur, your gloves, a sheer umbrella, even your matte lipstick. total picture, always. The world is literally your oyster!

4. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of print or tiny bits of a different colour, sometimes it will make your base colour pop even more.

 Laura Sigel FW17 

These looks are relatively easy clean looks to pull together and elevate, If you’re like me and you tend to calm down on the idea of monochromating in the summer because let’s be real I’m basic and I’m busy tanning,  you know that as soon as the first breeze of cold air hits it’s going down, down, down. Fall time is when all fun starts, and alot of people can agree layering adds dimension, and interest.

Diletta Bonaiuti

So let’s challenge ourselves this fall to not only master our camel and grey looks, but go super monochromatic in unpredictable shades of pinks, forest greens, navys, surprise me! Sometimes it’s not easy to pull together monochromatic looks in random colours – I get it, that cashmere lavender sweater from that store would look amazing with that plum leather skirt you saw online, but where will you find the right tinted sheer tights? and how much are we actually spending today? I totally totally get it, but c’mon it’s so much fun, and there’s so much creativity in it!  I suggest you start with your fun colourful shoes. Got a pair of velvet green heels? awesome work your way up to lighter hues. you’re welcome.

Finding Paola

If you’re still having trouble pulling these looks together check out bloggers and influencers who really master it, there are more than 12 million instagram posts tagged under #monochrome alone. Monochromatic homes can also be used as inspo, even the  swatch cards from the paint section of Canadian Tire. inspiration is everywhere around you,

We will be starting a hashtag party this fall (on instagram and maybe even in REAL LIFE) where we will pick our favourite monochromatic looks, post them for you to vote, and crown our queens and kings of monochromatic shade.

The Golden Diamonds

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