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Montreal | Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention


Under Pressure Montreal is an annual international graffiti convention festival that recognizes the art of graffiti, hiphop, and dance. Founded in Montreal in 1996, and has been going strong ever since.  Lucky for me I happened to be in Montreal that weekend.

Graffiti has been around forever with all it’s beautiful forms.  It has a tendency to focus on political, social and cultural perspectives, which obviously makes me a complete fan. Graffiti can be found in any big metropolitan city, in it’s different variations. Sometimes you don’t notice it, and sometimes after walking by it a few times you realize the message behind it.

There is something calming about watching someone completely focused on their art, it’s almost as if there is a level of contentness where the outside world and it’s influences pauses for a second.

Here are a few photos from the event!

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