Fashion Talks | V-Neck Shoes For Fall

Some trends I like, and most I don’t follow, but this one creeped up out of nowhere.  This became the type of trend that had me actively looking around the city for the coolest and the best variations of this trend, meanwhile hoping I can also afford what I find.


But first of all, why can’t we all just agree on a name for this type of shoe? I vote V-neck Shoes. Ask me why? Because that’s what Celine named them, and that’s who made the shoes in the five photos above. Since 2016 Celine has been pushing this shoe style hard, and they ALL look amazing, I therefore believe that Celine has the right to decide on a name: V-Neck Shoes. not vampire shoes, not v-shoes, not v-cut shoes, just v-neck shoes. Simple.

Generally I am pretty self contained in what I think is cool and could care less about the big trends of each season. (actually that’s a lie, but I get bored a lot), that being said when there is a new trend that I happen to enjoy I capitalize on it.

I predict this v-neck shoe is here to stay a bit longer than others simply due to its practicality, I mean – technically:

  1. Workwear Chic can wear them
  2. Street Cool Girl can wear them
  3. My grandmother can wear them
  4. They make the most basic jeans and tee look so much more elevated
  5. They have the potential to bring out the Cruella Deville in you


Of course Zara has 20+ variations on this. No hate on Zara, Zara is a broke girls dream. And in comparison to those who CAN afford Celine, that broke girl is 98% of us.



I’ve had lots of luck with ASOS, so some of these may be ok as a sub, especially if price is a focus.



Let’s end this post by taking another look at these Celine beauties again, I mean look at that point! Let me know if you’ve found your favourite, or maybe you don’t even like them!? *Gasps*

Celine 2016

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