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Fall Hikes | Rouge Park


Too much of anything is considered unhealthy – Fortunately with fall season you can’t actually have too much of it, because before you know it, you will look outside your window, and debate how you will make it in -20 degree weather, that is if you live in places like Canada of course!

Regardless of the leaves turning different colours, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky we are to get to experience nature in this specific way. In Japan there is a tradition called “forest bathing”  a concept that may sound silly when you first hear it, but is actually far from it, it falls under Eco-Therapy and is proven to have great health benefits, including lowering heart pressure and reducing stress hormone production!

So if you do get the chance to, go for a nature/forest walk or hike, and just breathe the air. Your body & your mind will thank you.

Also if you happen to be a foliage nerd like me, (and live in Ontario) check out this Ontario Parks’ foliage report that gives you a detailed prediction of turning leaf colours. All of the photos in the post were taken in Rouge Park, in Scarborough, Ontario sometime around mid October.




All photos were taken with a Sony a5100 (Yay mirrorless cameras)

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