What Wellness Smells Like


It is not new news that I am a huge fan of Saje Natural Wellness. The Canadian brand has been around for a very long time, around 25 years. I remember visiting Vancouver a few years ago when Saje was still their special little secret, fast forward to today and the success of the brand has since grown tremendously, now seen on 5th ave in New York city with the likes of Aritzia. (makes my Canadian heart so happy)


Up until recently most of my Saje purchases have been the diffuser blends for my diffuser (more on that in a separate post), until my last visit when I purchased this Tantra sensuous mist, Tantra also being one of the diffuser blends that I usually buy for my home, this mist became one of my purse must haves.


Not sure if it’s the Patchouli, or the Champa, or that they are mixed with Sandelwood that got me hooked, but to me the smell is the exact definition of what wellness smells like. 



Also incase you haven’t noticed: yes, the bottle in the photo is completely empty, because I finished every last drop of it.


Let me know if you use any facial/body mists, and if so what brands are they?



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