Holiday Obsessions | Moodier Gift Wrapping

I enjoy gifts that are cohesive in their wrapping with other gifts, as well as with the tree itself. (If possible), A clean, aesthetically pleasing set-up will always:

A. Let those receiving your gifts see the care and attention you have put into their present.  &
B. You may be staring at a pile of gifts for the duration of the holiday season until it is time to gift it, so you might as well make it aesthetically pleasing for your own eyes.

One of my favourite gift wrapping trends is using darker hues, whether it’s shades of forest green, navy or black it gives the gift an unexpected look.  Here are some great DIY-ers’ variations on this trend, as well as links to their original posts for more in depth detailed shots of how to achieve these darker hued beauties.

Moody Hues

Navy + Fresh Pines

Even though Shannon Kristen focuses on the use of fresh pines as a decorative fresh element in her post, what really catches my eye here is the choice of colour.

gift wrapping 2
image via Shannon Kristen

If you don’t want to go completely dark, just adding a navy ribbon with fresh green will still create a very different feel to the gift.

gift wrapping 9
Image via House and Home

Karen from HonestlyWTF adds homemade gingerbread cookie tags! These look amazing with her darker hued gift wrapping.

gift wrapping 8 hwtf
image via HonestlyWTF

Navy + Shine

Cox & Cox, a UK ribbon making company, showcasing their shiny copper ribbons with navy gift wrapping paper for a very glammed up display.  This is also great for those looking to get traditionally matching gift wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags all in one.

gift wrapping 3 .jpg
Image via Cox & Co UK 
gift wrapping 6
image via Cox & Co UK

Printed Navy + Accents

This is one of my favourite colour combinations for gift wrapping! Ofcourse she had me at “I’m using my mood board as my gift wrapping inspo”. From this embroidered looking gift wrapping paper, she pulled the other colours grey, pink, and dark forest green painted on eucalyptus. More detail shots here.

gift wrapping 5
Image via Eclectic Trends

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I have, I know the possibilities are endless, and always exciting,



  1. I audibly GASPED when I saw these — BEAUTIFUL! I love love love the first one, the navy with the pine clipping. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting these — it’s making me excited to wrap presents! 🙂

  2. Ah, this is right up my alley! And I completely agree- ain’t nobody got time for all that red and print under the tree. I’m all for navy, black, kraft paper, and pops of white. I’m going to Pin this but you should totally check out my Modern Holiday board on Pinterest- I think you’d love it!

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