About Me

Hi! & Welcome to Nayday.net,

I created this blog in 2017 to enhance the knowledge and lifestyle of the young professional in urban cities. It encompasses all that is inspiring and valuable from fashion to wellness to adventure and so much in between.

As a true gemini I tend to be interested in many things all the time.  I adore urban city lifestyles, but I’m at most peace in nature. I don’t know what my favourite colour is yet, but it is most likely a combination of many. I lived on the east coast of Canada, California, Amman, and Kuwait city, and now I reside in Toronto, Canada (and yes it’s everything people say it is + more). I’m Palestinian-Canadian incase you are wondering.

With an educational background in marketing and global business management (Yay SMU), experience in fashion, and a passion for travelling & finding new cool things, I woke up one day and basically thought this blog was necessary.

Let’s keep in touch, and let’s not be strangers

Email: info@Nayday.net





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